Psychotherapy is a series of meetings aimed at the treatment of the soul (psyche – the soul, therapeien – to cure). In practice this means recovering the emotional, spiritual and physical balance as much as it is possible, and study the causes which resulted in the loss of that balance.

Therapy is neither providing good advice

nor making things better.

The loss of balance is any situation which a client reports as a difficulty or a problem, and which is a source of personal suffering.
Most often these are feelings or emotions, stress, a low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, a lack of satisfaction with life or the relationship of a person with the world and relatives as well as feelings and emotions associated with the loss of a loved person or illness.

A therapist gives support

and guidance rather than advice.

Meetings take place on a regular basis, because in order to work on such a delicate matter as our psyche, it is necessary to build a relationship of trust and security. Opening and telling a stranger about oneself is extremely difficult. It requires time as well as establishing a bond and confidence that at this point and with this person I can safely talk about what is bothering me.