Stop- only how to do it?

Life today is full of assignments, activities, pressure and stress. We read about it in the papers, self-help books and forums. Scientists are sounding the alarm, because stress is a slow killer. Most people seeking treatment complain about an overwhelming sense of stress and tension with which they cannot cope. They ask for help … How to deal with this ubiquitous sense of stress?

It occurs that it is not easy to stop when the world pushes and accelerates. It is very difficult to stop, and simply BE – having neither targets nor timetable nor pressure. Then we often experience a sense of being lost- we get lost in ourselves, in our desires and emotions, we lose ourselves and we often forget who we are and where we are going.
When we suddenly cease to be “in a rush”, we begin to experience life as a void. At this point sadness, helplessness and depression appear. Meanwhile, the feeling of emptiness which we want to avoid- may be a space and a place where we finally experience ourselves.

Emptiness helps us to find our own selves.

Practising mindfulness is a way to find ourselves in the current world and learning to respond with patience, openness and understanding to all things which happen to us – for ourselves and other people, the world around.
I offer you a workshop, during which we will learn mindfulness for ourselves and our emotions, we will look at how we contribute to and create our suffering.

You can learn mindfulness.

I’ll help you to look at how your emotional reactions and stress influence building your relationship with the world, you will learn patience and mindfulness for yourselves and others, as well as how to free yourselves from unpleasant feelings in your lives.

The outside world is unpredictable and difficult to put together – the only constant counterpoint in it are YOU – if you learn how to “organize” and arrange yourself – your outside world will also be ordered.

I believe

I believe that you will learn it at my workshops.