Coaching is a short-term support the aim of which is to search for and solve problems related to the professional space, personal development or an interpersonal sphere.

It differs from a therapy as it does not touch as deeply as a therapy emotional or psychological areas related to the reduction of pain or suffering, or solving intrapsychic problems.

The relationship between the a coach and a client is of a slightly different nature.

The main aim of coaching is to strengthen or unlock the creative energy and creative potential of a client, to support a client’s own resources and ideas to solve a conflict or dilemma which hinders him on his way to reach his coveted goal.

Coaching releases our energy, stimulates it back to life so that we can act and pursue our career goals according to our nature. The purpose of coaching is to search for a new perspective of seeing and naming the barriers and learning a new strategy of thinking and acting against the obstacles that we encounter.

Coaching is also watching and becoming aware of our limitations and potentials.